IOpipe is a high fidelity metrics and monitoring service which allows you to see inside Amazon Lambda functions for better insights into the daily operations and development of event driven “serverless” applications.

Once IOpipe is added to your Lambda functions, you’ll gain access to a realtime dashboard where you can dive into low level metrics and logging for your functions. You'll also receive daily email reports showing you what's changed over the last 24 hours, giving you peace of mind for your production workloads.

We’re in early stages now, and IOpipe gets smarter over time. We're offering free trials for production Lambda users while in our private beta.

Function Performance Metrics

Daily Email Reports

Distributed Stack Traces

Realtime Dashboard

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Why IOpipe

IOpipe is FREE while we’re in beta.

Knowing what’s working and what isn’t is a basic and essential operational challenge for developers. The capability to debug your applications across dev, staging, and production environments is table stakes for any developer platform. Yet, today, this experience is lacking for developers of Function-as-a-Service applications on platforms such as AWS Lambda. It’s a new ecosystem and rapidly improving, but there’s a clear gap in tooling, especially around application performance and monitoring.

Few to none of the tools built for traditional application performance, server, or container monitoring have been adapted for serverless applications.

Get Started in 3 Minutes

IOpipe provides an open source module that you add to your Lambda function. Once you add IOpipe to your function, it will send telemetry to our service where we aggregate the data, and generate reports.

Follow these steps to integrate IOpipe into your Lambda functions:

Download iopipe:

$ npm install --save iopipe

Integrate iopipe:

var iopipe = require("iopipe")({
  clientId: CLIENT_TOKEN

exports.handler = iopipe(
  function(event, context, callback) {
    // Your Code Here