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Webinar On-Demand: Comic Relief's Journey to Serverless for Red Nose Day

Webinar Overview

Serverless workloads don't get more critical than needing to process donations of more than £63 million in just one day—on national television. Each year in the UK, Comic Relief's Red Nose Day brings together comedians, musicians, and actresses to raise money for vulnerable communities across the globe.

This year, Comic Relief's engineering team decided to migrate to a serverless architecture for their mission-critical donation applications. Join AWS Principal Evangelist Danilo Poccia, IOpipe CTO and Co-Founder Erica Windisch, Comic Relief Head of Technology Peter Vanhee, and Comic Relief Sr. Developer Adam Clark to discuss how they processed billions of events with confidence for this iconic day of fundraising.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding Comic Relief's decision to migrate to serverless
  • Learning how to prepare for peak loads on a new architecture
  • Deep-dive into debugging and alerting that Comic Relief used to dig into their serverless applications

Who should watch?

Node.js, Python, or Java Developers working with Lamdba functions, Tech Leads, Serverless Architects, DevOps Teams


Danilo Poccia

Principal Evangelist, Serverless, AWS

Erica Windisch

CTO and Co-Founder, IOpipe

Peter Vanhee

Head of Technology, Comic Relief

Adam Clark

Sr. Developer, Comic Relief

Watch the Webinar On Demand