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Serverless by Vertical Webinar Series

Charting a Course for Serverless with Matson

Webinar On-Demand

Webinar Overview

With serverless adoption reaching critical mass amongst global brands, IOpipe and AWS have teamed up to provide real-world insight into the strategies and challenges facing developers and engineering leaders building on serverless in today’s enterprise.

In the first installment of the Serverless by Vertical Webinar Series, we’re discussing how serverless has redrawn the map for the logistics and shipping industry with Principal Software Engineer Dave Townsend from Matson.

Building a flagship mobile application for global tracking of vessels and freight containers, Matson voyaged deep into the world of AWS Lambda to meet the needs of their customers. In the webinar, we’ll dive into the 135-year-old shipping company’s serverless architecture and approach for real-time container tracking and interactive vessel schedule searching across the entire globe.

Learning objectives

  • Charting a new course for serverless in logistics
  • Navigating organizational alignment in choosing serverless use cases
  • Building Matson’s flagship global container tracking application on Lambda
  • Observability: How to avoid functions falling off the map
  • Latest Lambda tips and updates
  • Key takeaways in Matson’s journey

Who should attend?

  • Technical teams within logistics, transportation, and location-based service or product brands
  • CTO and Engineering Leaders managing teams working with serverless architectures
  • Developers, Serverless Architects, and DevOps professionals


Dave Townsend

Principal Software Engineer, Matson

Erica Windisch

CTO and Co-Founder, IOpipe

Chris Munns

Principal Developer Advocate - Serverless, AWS

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