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Visualizing critical, location-based metrics on serverless

A joint webinar with Mapbox and IOpipe

Webinar Overview

With the increase in serverless adoption throughout the developer community and at major brands, developers are able to ship new applications increasingly fast, focus on business logic versus infrastructure, and scale workloads based on events instead of estimates.

However, what happens in the event of a huge failure scenario when developers are forced to debug across millions of invocations to find and fix the culprit? What happens when a seasonal spike or viral moment equals a huge jump in traffic and your team is trying to gain business insights?

In this webinar focused on developers and enterprises building on serverless, we will showcase a demo using GraphQL, DynamoDB, Mapbox, and IOpipe to visualize critical AWS Lambda function metrics so developers can pinpoint performance issues and insights by geolocation.

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Learning objectives

  • Disaster relief: What happens when things go really wrong (or really right)?
  • Not another dashboard: Impactful visualization techniques for serverless observability
  • Pinpointing Lambda timeouts and other performance issues by geolocation
  • Learn how IOpipe and Mapbox built a mapping feature utilizing GraphQL and DynamoDB to process and visualize serverless event metrics

Who Should Attend:

  • Developers, Serverless Architects, and DevOps professionals
  • Technical and engineering teams building applications on serverless
  • CTO and Engineering Leaders managing teams working with serverless architectures


Chris Toomey

Solutions Architect Lead at Mapbox

Austin Huminski

Solution Architect at IOpipe

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